Are you looking to see some jaw dropping art? Canada is the host of some of the most rare and diverse museums which host some of the most innovative art spectacles in the World. Vancouver, Montreal, Alberta and Toronto are just some of the amazing cities which host the top museums in North America. If you’re in Ontario, you’ll want to stop over at the AGO.

Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto hosts a vast history of Canadian art with over 80,000 works in the permanent collection. The AGO has a history of hosting some of the most popular exhibitions worldwide. You can see fine art from the Renaissance era on one floor and step onto another floor into a modern and contemporary dream land. Hosting some of the world’s most popular exhibitions, the AGO has grown a name for being on the cutting edge of the art world while maintaining a strong hold on the history of fine art in Canada. The Art Gallery of Ontario hosted hosted Yayoi Kusuma’s Infinity Mirrors exhibition in Spring 2018. Tickets for the show were sought after and difficult to find. The popularity of the AGO has grown to be one of the most popular places to visit in Canada.

National Gallery of Canada

If you’re headed to the capital of the country, Ottawa, Ontario, book yourself a visit to the National Gallery of Canada right away. Holding notable works from some of the most popular American and European artists, their main goal is to exhibit Canadian artists. You can find Andy Warhol in their contemporary collection while the Canadian collection holds some of the most notable Canadian works worldwide. Emily Carr, Alex Colville, Tom Thomson and Jack Bush are just some of the popular artists which the National Gallery of Canada places front and centre.