The Greatest Exhibits in Art This Year

Quirky and unusual art exhibits have taken a lead in popularity with artists exploring themes to such a depth that they educate the viewers through their work. Damien Hirst opened Treasures From The Wreck of the Unbelievable in Venice which is an underwater dream world. The complicated and massive project tells a number of stories through sculptures placed underwater to face the elements of the underwater world.

Yayoi’s Infinity Playgrounds

Yayoi Kusuma showed work at David Swirner gallery this year which celebrated the Japanese artist through her illusionary point of view. The gallery debuted two different infinity mirror rooms, one which allows visitors to peek through small circular peepholes and the other giving patrons a fully immersive experience. The artists work has been extremely popular in the past five years and the increase in gallery photography sessions. Yayoi exhibited 66 paintings at the gallery which were chosen from a series of paintings that she titled my eternal soul.

Paper Hives

Don’t miss your chance to view the hive by the studio gang which is made of twenty seven hundred paper tubes. The exhibit is found in Washington D.C. and allows visitors to step inside the recyclable dome which boats a ten foot circular skylight. The hive pushes viewers to face the changes that occur through the senses with the elaborate application of a simply material.

Activist Interaction

Ai Wei Wei is well known for integrating forms of activism and protest against his local government through his work. He collaborated with architects this year to develop and build an installation titled Hansel and Gretel. Ai Wei Wei hopes to create an interactive environment that motivates change in the public space due to the onset of increased surveillance. Each action is documented and recorded while the footage is posted online for a worldwide audience to view. That footage is then projected back into the installation.