British Columbia, Canada is one of the most diverse hosts of artistic talent in the world. Artists flock to Vancouver, Kelowna, Vitoria and other Canadian cities in British Columbia to explore its depth and culture. The museums in Vancouver, British Columbia hold some of the largest collections in all of Canada. The Vancouver Art Gallery is one of the most innovative visual arts museums with a focus on historical and contemporary art. The Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery is public gallery which dedicates itself to research, documentation and education of contemporary visual art. It exhibits a number of artists and provides a variety of residencies for artists worldwide. The museum is truly worth a visit.

The Vancouver Art Gallery focuses on exhibiting the art of FIrst Nations artists and works from the Asia Pacific region. There is a clear emphasis on educating the public about the history of Canada while combining a vibrant collection of works from the Asia Pacific region. The diversity of the inhabitants of Vancouver lend itself to the variety of visual arts within the Vancouver Art Gallery. The Institute of Asian Art was founded within the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2014 and its programs explore impacts of visual arts on an international front.

The Contemporary Art Gallery document and exhibit visual arts as it is being created with an emphasis on supporting current art and talented artists. The wide variety of residences contribute to their large catalogues of work leaving behind a legacy in their permanent collection. There is no admission charge to visit the Contemporary Art Gallery located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is one of the few free museums in the area and the variety of exhibitions offered makes it a must see in the area. Vancouver, Canada hosts some of the most historically relevant works while supporting a community of diverse and talented artists.