Exhibits With Big Impact

In 1907, the Salon d’Automne hosted a Paul Cezanne retrospective one year after his death and it made a massive impact on the art world. There are a number of instances where exhibitions created new trends and changes in the art world but some are more notable than others. There is proof of the success of Paul Cezannes retrospective found in all the successful artists who were inspired by his work.

Cezanne Retrospective

The exhibition displayed over fifty of Cezanne’s paintings. Picasso was inspired by Cezannes painting The Large Bathers when he created works of analytical cubism. The trend was brought on through the architectural forms that Cezanne used in many of his works. His retrospective moved him into the world of a brilliant artist and one of the best from the modern era. He is one of the largest forces in French paintings from the 19th century and he played a key role in the trends that came afterwards.

Trends In The Making

There were many other popular exhibitions including in Cologne, Germany where the Sonderbund exhibition which took place in the year 1912. This exhibit started one of the largest movements of modernism in Europe and included famous art works from Cezanne, Edvard Munch, and Pablo Picasso. This exhibition gave the public hints into the new trends of post impressionism to German expressionism. The organizers of the International Exhibition of Modern Art were so inspired by this exhibition that it began a migration of European art towards the United States.

Avante Garde Invasion

On March 15, 1913, The International Exhibition of Modern Art introduced the American public to avant garde European styles which was very different from the realistic art that was so prominent at the time. Known as the Armory show, it brought works of Fauvism, Futurism and Cubism to the American artists which used this as inspiration for a new generation of art.