WHITE BALANCE: the work of Ronald Bloore


White Balance explores the inspiration, vision, and commitment of Ronald Bloore, the “simple painter” whose work helps define the history of modern art in Canada. A passionate commitment to painting so intense that in a moment of revelation he destroyed all his work and defiantly began to paint using only a palette of white. A boy who ran off to “join-up” at seventeen, a professor of Art and Archeology with two honorary degrees and an Order of Canada, a gallery director who mounted one of the most scandalous art exhibitions in Canadian history, and an artist who first found fame as part of the “Regina Five”.

“It’s a three letter word, is all I can say about art!”
- Ron Bloore

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The opening sequence video clip (left) from White Balance features commentary by Terrence Heath, Canadian writer, poet and author of the definitive monograph, Ronald L. Bloore - Not Without Design. Heath wrote his tribute to Bloore's work to accompany a 35 year retrospective he curated, a project that took four years to complete.

The retrospective exhibition began its Canada tour in 1991 at The Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, where Ron spent the formative part of his career, and continued to The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario, 1992, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1992, The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, 1992, and The Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, 1993.


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