Produced in partnership with the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art, this ongoing series of candid portraits of artists, art dealers and collectors offers over 5 hours of online video viewing.

To date, Linda Corbett has interviewed sixteen artists, collectors and art dealers creating over five hours of online video. These intimate portraits bring us into the studios, warehouses and galleries of these groundbreaking personalities. Intercut with images of artwork and rare performance video, the series reveals the passions, stories and ideas that inspire these gifted individuals. The resulting collection is both a free access educational archive and a singular historical document of the arts in Canada.

To view a selection from Video Portraits, choose a link on this page or click on the image/name of the person to watch their full interview on the ccca site.

producer/director: Linda Corbett
in association with: Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art
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interviews with:

Ronald Bloore Joe Fafard Gordon Rayner
David Bolduc Vera Frenkel Serge Tousignant
Tony Calzetta Av Isaacs Tony Urquhart
Dan Donovan Nobuo Kubota Rita Letendre
Michèle Drouin Kenneth Lochhead Françoise Sullivan
June Clark    


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