How does a “young emerging” artist emerge? Balancing a creative life with the demands of financial reality can lead to innovative solutions if you’re Hayden Menzies, artist, musician and co-owner of Speakeasy Tattoo.

The tat under his right kneecap, reads “free”, under the left, “bird”. Like the images that cover his body, Hayden’s linear, iconic artwork marks his passage through a creative life.

Immerse yourself in the worlds of Hayden Menzies with filmmaker Linda Corbett, (Fierce Expression, A Sensual Touch) and composer/musician Kevan Staples (Rough Trade, Rhythm Division). Follow "the making of" Markers on Linda's blog.

At the Speakeasy reception desk, Hayden fills his sketchbooks with a flood of drawings while he multi-tasks at running his small business. This is the world he shares with the shop’s two tattoo-artists; co-owner and outspoken feminist, Lizzie Renaud, and his brother, Adrian Menzies. These dedicated professionals take their work seriously. Their art marks a human body canvas.

At imagefoundry, Hayden works with master printer Dimitri Levanoff through the process of photographing, colour correcting and printing the series of small pen and ink drawings on paper that he has been doing at Speakeasy.

At Rhythm Division, we'll hang out with Kevan as he writes music for Markers while Hayden works on some larger drawings for his upcoming show in March.

At Bruno Crescia Photography we'll join Bruno in his studio to shoot digital stills of Hayden's paintings.

With fellow band members METZ Hayden perfects his musical chops, rehearsing, performing and recording with Chris Slorach (bass) and Alex Edkins (guitar). Their experimental / grunge / post punk sound racks up thousands of plays on internet sites like myspace and a following of fans at underground venues like The Garrison.

At the La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa, where Hayden has an upcoming solo show, curator Guy Bérubé says, that Hayden’s “work points to a greater statement: that life is a progression of change and deterioration, vagaries and uncertainty”. Its a world that Hayden navigates with humour and creative freedom.



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  "Untitled" mixed media on canvas 2012©



"Untitled" mixed media on canvas 2012©

Fierce Expression

Hayden Menzies