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Press Release - The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Nobuo Kubota was born in Vancouver, British Columbia of Japanese parents and educated as an architect at the University of Toronto. He is known not only as a visual artist but also as a musician and sound performer. Kubota’s work is best described as unidisciplinary, not in the sense of any form of art, but in the sense of bringing together many forms of art into a single, coherent experience that often encompasses architecture, sound, and visuals. And yet, there is in his work strong structural forms and, not just the juxtaposition of the unexpected to yield new meanings, but also a freedom from the message-driven art and imagery that weigh on us every day.

This installation, Hokusai Revisited, is remarkable in the simple and elegant reconstitution of the ever-changing dynamic of the natural and manufactured worlds. The pine structural underpinning merely provides the posts for the long fir slats to support themselves on. The long curves of the slats are like waves of wood and there is no predetermined end to their motion. The installation is approximately thirty-five feet long but it could be twice that length, three times that length. The peaks and troughs of waves may be of any duration; they begin and end in response to the strength of the impulse that creates them. Cascading down the curving slats, the projected waterfall pours, breaks and disappears, always enewing itself. Permanence and impermanence. On the next curve the same waterfall cascades down, but it is at a different point in time. Creation anddestruction.
Breathing in and breathing out. Underlying change is the basic force of all life in the universe.

A collaboration with the Art Gallery of Peterborough, Kelowna Art Gallery, Thames Art Gallery.

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hokusai revisited

Hokusai Revisited: Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 2008