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Some thoughts on Kubota - by Terrence Heath

In the perspective of the development of western art making in the twentieth century, the work of Nobuo Kubota provides a fascinating balance between the modernist art of the early work by artists such as Mondrian, Léger and Tatlin and the radical questioning of art making itself in the works of Dada and the Surrealists. 

Kubota, based solidly in his training as an architect and his profound immersion in the aesthetics of his Japanese background, created an art that embraced the elements of chance, humour and play. 

The parallel work that comes to mind is that of Kurt Schwitters, who was also trained as an architect, extended his expression from architecture and visual arts to theatre, sound poetry, and performance art and recognized the role of chance, play and humour in the depiction of human aesthetic experience.  Kubota found in nature, Japanese calligraphy and chanting, scat singing and the human structuring of home, worship and pleasure the elements of his art. 

- Terrence Heath is a Toronto-based writer, curator and art-historian. For other works by Heath, click the links below.

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  hokusai revisited
  hokusai revisited



top: Nobuo Kubota: Chant, 1986
center: Nobup Kubota: Video Lab: Loopholes, 2004

bottom: Nobuo Kubota: Waves, 1993