Pablo Picasso’s Son Is Disappointed with Musee Picasso

Worried Son

Claude Picasso, the son of the famous artist Pablo Picasso, has recently voiced his opinion about the way the Musee Picasso has been handling his fathers work and it isn’t positive. Picasso told reporters that they have been over showing his fathers’ works and the museum has been lending out the collection at an expense to the art. Constantly shipping and showing the art causes a significant amount of damage to the lifespan of that work.

Ignorance of Preservation

Pablo Picasso’s son, Claude, stated that the name Picasso draws a crowd to art exhibits and the museum has been exhibiting Picasso paintings as filler for less successful exhibits and he wants it to stop. The museum is reported to be working towards a goal of gaining worldwide acknowledgement instead of prioritizing the prestige of the famous artists work.

Over Exposed

The museum took on a project where they would exhibit 5,000 of Picasso’s artworks which has a Mediterranean inspiration across sixty different galleries including Turkey, Greece, France, Cyprus, Morocco and Spain over the next three years. European media believes that the art of Picasso is suffocating the Mediterranean simply from the number of exhibits that will take place in such a short period of time. Although, Picasso always has a great exhibit, a lot of them are unnecessary and causing undue damage to the works.

The Explanation

The decision makers at the museum claim that they want to expand from the basic Picasso exhibit ideas and highlight all of the work that Picasso had completed while Picasso’s son believes that people are disappointed when they go to a museum and do not see the Picasso work that is familiar to them. Although Claude is the son of Pablo Picasso, his artworks are handled through the foundation and he is not allowed to dictate what happens with the work.