The art market is a complicated system based on the opinions of the public and how positively they receive the piece. The price of an artwork becomes dependent on how much that work is sought after, and the motivation to buy is dependent on the level of fame of that artist.

1. The painting Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci sold for just over four hundred and fifty million dollars in 2017 at a Christie’s auction. This was a world record for the cost of one painting of this size and era. Leonardo da Vinci’s popularity is undeniable.

2. Willem de Kooning sold his 1955 painting called Interchange for three hundred million dollars in 2016 which was the most highest priced abstract landscape sold in the history of art auctions.

3. Paul Cezanne’s painting titled the Card Players sold for two hundred and fifty million dollars in 2017 and set a record for this dead artists work.

4. Number 17A is a Jackson Pollock painting from 1948 where he exhibited the famous drip technique and it sold for two hundred million in 2017.

5. Mark Rothko sold his violet, green and red painting titled No.6 for one hundred and eighty six million dollars in 2017.

6. Rembrandt portraits of Mr.Soolmans and Ms.Coppit sold for one hundred and eighty million dollars in 2017 solidifying the continued demand for his historical fine art.

7. Pablo Picasso sold Les Femmes d’Alger from 1955 in November of 2017 for one hundred and seventy nine million dollars in New York, United States.

The price of an artwork is directly proportional to the value of that artist and their level of popularity and here are the most expensive pieces of all time. Artwork is one of the highest appreciating assets that you could own and the value of art changes based on the popularity of that artist.