Montreal, Quebec, Canada hosts some of the most cutting-edge works in the artistic industry. Home to some of the most popular artists working today, Montreal is known for its European culture and emphasis on historical continuity. The city itself is a gallery all with a strong focus on outdoor arts, architecture, and education. Home of some of the greatest art schools, Montreal hosts some of the most popular works on view today.

The Musee D’Art Contemporain or MAC brings together artists from the local area with international artists to exhibit a truly unexpected experience. The gallery hosts a number of avante garde artists who have strong voices about important subjects. Artists who exhibit their work at the MAC in Montreal are spreading awareness about art in a conceptually arousing fashion. Walk into the spacious gallery and experience the unexpected and possibly anxious works exhibited by the MAC.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is one of a kind. Founded in 1860 by the Art Association of Montreal, it built up a collection that holds over 43,000 works from antiquity to now. This is a gallery that is unique to all of Canada as its history sets it as one of the first collections worth archiving. The gallery displays sculptures, paintings, drawings, graphic arts, photographs, decorative objects and many other forms of artistic practice across four pavilions. The space is truly worth seeing. The museum itself has some of the most awe inspiring architecture in all of Canada. The collection of Tiffany stained glass windows contributes to the beauty of this experience.

Dive into diversity when you step into Montreal, Quebec and experience some of Canada’s most cutting edge and historically accurate works of visual arts. Don’t miss out on the best art experience around. Head to Montreal, Canada and immerse yourself in the preserved art of this era and the next.