The recent generation of art fans may be more familiar with Raphael, Michelangelo, Donnatello and Leonardo as ninja turtles but these famous amphibians got their names from the most famous artists of the European Renaissance. These artists of the European Renaissance have become some of the most widely known artists worldwide and their works are some of the most viewed in the history of art.

The High Renaissance

Raphael was an Italian painter who worked with and apprenticed under the painters Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The trio were nicknamed the trinity of great masters for the Florentine High Renaissance and European Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci is famous for his painting of the Last Supper where he depicts all of the disciples on the same side of the table, and the Mona Lisa, a portrait where he caught her lighthearted and humorous demeanour.

Famous Art

Michelangelo’s most famous work is the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican which is one of the most grand and expansive pieces ever created. Raphael used his apprenticeship under Michelangelo as inspiration to create many of his works including the Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple. Donnatello was better known for his amazing sculptures, his most popular works were the David which is a feminine depiction of a strong man, and the Gattamelata, which is an exceptionally rendered realistic equestrian sculpture.

Timeless Artwork

Leonardo da Vinci kicked off the era of the High Renaissance with the Last Supper and set a precedent for works of extreme size and conservative in their themes. The works were ambitious and took years to finish. Michelangelo is known to have been nearly crippled by the experience of completing the Sistine Chapel. These famous artists of the High Renaissance are some of the most popular names in art history. If people are unfamiliar with their artwork, the names are recognizable through their fame and use in pop culture.