Beyonce and Jay Z Music Video Inspires New Tour At The Louvre

Does pop culture influence the art world? In the world of influencers, the endorsement of a famous can go further than hiring a ten person marketing team for a year. Art has always had some amount of success determined by the popularity of the artist and those who endorse it. Jackson Pollock gained worldwide fame from an expose in one Time magazine article.

Fame and Art

Hollywood stars have started to become big players in the world of art collecting but they have not always put their favourite artists front and centre. Beyonce and JayZ have brought their art interest to the forefront of everyone’s conversation with the release of their new video for Apeshit, a single off their new album The Carters, released in 2018.

The Carters

Jay Z and Beyonce Carter are the hottest R&B, rap and pop stars alive today. Raking in billions of dollars every year, they are self proclaimed art fans and have quoted their love for collecting art in many of their songs. The couple just released a new album together titled The Carters where the couple finally shares credit for working together. The Carters announced their album by dropping it alongside a video for their hit song Ape Shit where they display a number of famous artworks in art history. In light of the new interest in these artworks, the Louvre has created a tour that exhibits the specific works that were shown in Beyonce and Jay Z’s music videos.

The Tour

The tour is an hour and a half of learning about the seventeen different artworks that The Carters used in the backdrop for their video Apeshit. After the video was released, there were so many views on you tube and google researching the art works that the Louvre was convinced that it would be popular to host a Beyonce and Jay Z tour.