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The Greatest Exhibits in Art This Year

Quirky and unusual art exhibits have taken a lead in popularity with artists exploring themes to such a depth that they educate the viewers through their

Epic Exhibits: Unusual, Figurative Sculptures

Art is not always trying to be pleasing to the viewer. At times, exhibitions will be put together in order to make you feel uncomfortable. The

French Visual Artist Loses Copyright Case Against Lady Gaga

A visual artist appealed an intellectual property lawsuit against international pop star Lady Gaga for the use of her images in the Born This Way video

He Wants His Money Back: Returning Works Once Confiscated By Nazis

Under what circumstances should an art buyer be able to return a piece of art? What kind of history must be disclosed at the point of

Art and Gambling: Famous Works Of A Gambling Theme

There are few very famous artworks associated with gambling. The lifestyle of gamblers has always been appreciated by the small group of people who could afford

The Online Casino Space: Gambling In A Virtual World

Where To Win Big The casino space has evolved from a physical space to an artistic, internal and interior space. Technology has evolved to develop a

Casino Gambling Environment: Entertainment or Public Art?

Casinos have become spaces of spectacles providing gamblers with an awe inspiring environment along with a thrilling experience. Vegas casinos have been using digital artists to

Basquiat Sells For 70 Million Less Than Anticipated: Daughter Sues Father

The art industry is so unregulated that it leaves many of the art deals that take place up for debate. The value of certain artworks are

Pablo Picasso’s Son Is Disappointed with Musee Picasso

Worried Son Claude Picasso, the son of the famous artist Pablo Picasso, has recently voiced his opinion about the way the Musee Picasso has been handling

Forged Painting Sold For 650K by Sotheby’s Auction House New York

What happens when a reputable art auction company like Sotheby’s sells a fake? A Parmagianino painting has been uncovered to be a forgery. The painting of