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Pablo Picasso’s Son Is Disappointed with Musee Picasso

Worried Son Claude Picasso, the son of the famous artist Pablo Picasso, has recently voiced his opinion about the way the Musee Picasso has been handling

Forged Painting Sold For 650K by Sotheby’s Auction House New York

What happens when a reputable art auction company like Sotheby’s sells a fake? A Parmagianino painting has been uncovered to be a forgery. The painting of

Beyonce and Jay Z Music Video Inspires New Tour At The Louvre

Does pop culture influence the art world? In the world of influencers, the endorsement of a famous can go further than hiring a ten person marketing

FBI Uncovers Stolen Motherwell Painting 40 Years Later

An artist’s list of expenses are often overlooked when it comes to evaluating a piece of work. The framing and shipping costs can be extremely high